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The human mind, body and soul must work in alignment to allow us to live our true purpose and achieve our highest potential.

We all juggle many things in our day-to-day lives. But we don’t realise that we are also juggling our various energy fields, the inherited “baggage” that comes through our DNA and other unseen factors that we aren’t aware of. An imbalance with even one of these factors can create discomfort, overwhelm and illness for us. You can spend so much time trying to figure out what is wrong rather than enjoying life!

We cannot see energy in the form of sound waves or electricity yet we trust that it is there and will work when we need it to. Our bodies are no different. We cannot see our energy fields but they are there and we take for granted that they will always work harmoniously together – regardless of how many blocks and misguided beliefs we put in their way.

You may not be able to see your Chakras, Meridians or Energy Fields but you can feel when they are not working at their best.

When you have someone to help you to work with your energetic system, you regain the lost connection with your inner self and begin to see the world through a different lens. All of a sudden life becomes easier; relationships flow, things that were once a struggle are not hard at all, your energy is freed up and you enjoy waking up to a new day.

Through energetic healing you can change the course of your life, regain your love for life and find clarity in even the most stressful of situations.

Are you ready to stop the struggle?

Energetic Healing sessions are designed to support you through your energetic system (your chakras, meridians and energy fields) as you go about your day-to-day life.

Feedback from my clients has shown that these sessions help you to pro-actively live your own life and write your own personal story with a strong sense of self-respect in spite of real or perceived opposition from your cultural, social and generational influences.

Emotional balancing is an area of our life that doesn’t get much attention!

We are multi-faceted creatures — with physical, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual needs.

Stressful and traumatic events in our lives affects our emotions and can result in a negative impact on our health and well-being and our body’s self-regulatory systems.

This session combines the “standard” Energetic Healing Session – for your mind and soul – with a form of energy medicine that also assists the energetic system in more easily resonating with positive and life-giving energies.

​One significant advantage of adding the energy medicine component is to support the body so the physical after-effects of an energetic healing session are reduced. 

We each have an amazing and unique potential.

This potential may have been masked and muddied by a dysfunctional childhood, by trauma or stressful circumstances that have led you to believe you can’t present your true and authentic self to the world without repercussions.

These sessions are great for those held back by trauma and babies in-utero.​


"In my work, I often face situations that are confrontational and emotionally-charged. Our sessions have helped me deal with many challenges in family, work and social situations assertively and positively and have provided me with extra confidence and strength. I have found that I am more able to communicate clearly with others and I no longer take their comments as personally.

My sessions with Jo have also helped me through major life events, including my wedding day and the birth of my first baby.

I really rely on my sessions with Jo; anytime something challenging comes up for me I write it down to bring up at our sessions. I just hope other people can give it a try to really improve their lives too." - Brisbane, Australia. Name withheld by request.


"I had 4 sessions with Jo and I enjoyed our collaboration very much. It felt like a dance between me, her and the Divine. I would write to her about my fears, worries and concerns and Jo would share with me her insights and give valuable advice and support, based upon what she had felt and received energetically.

I found her very professional, available, both reassuring and encouraging. Some of her messages would also bring tears to my eyes as if they were coming from the depths of my own soul. A beautiful experience and yes, even from such a very long distance!

So many thanks Jo!!!" - Paris, France. Name withheld by request.

A little about me

I am an energetic healer physically based in the Sapphire Gemfields in Central Queensland, Australia, on the Tropic of Capricorn.

I have had a life-long fascination with patterns; with recognising patterns, trends and symmetry in and around my life. This started with drawing patterns with my Spirograph when I was young and continued with me recognizing patterns in my mathematics homework, in music during Band practice, in the patterns of the seeds of a sunflower and the cycles of the seasons.

I continue to see patterns and trends in the health journeys of my clients – recurring themes, in energetic fields and chakras, in belief systems and emotional structures, in negative energetic contracts, in emotional connections with toxins and viruses and in recurring patterns of behaviour.

And now I apply this same fascination in my energetic healing work with clients – in-person, by phone, Skype or email.

I use my intuitive and investigative gifts to help my clients to see patterns in their lives, to recognise energetic blocks that are preventing them from moving forward in life and to identify and to help them to remove the blocks that are holding them back.... Read more

Free PDF download "Understanding energy healing"