Free PDF download "Understanding energy healing"

During your session, I will help you to identify emotional blockages that can – and do – hold you back from living a full and abundant life.

Emotional balancing is an area of our life that doesn’t get much attention! We are multi-faceted creatures — with physical, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual needs. Stressful and traumatic events in our lives affects our emotions and can result in a negative impact on our health and wellbeing – and our body’s self-regulatory systems.

Our automatic emotional responses to stressful situations can be “survival strategies” from our past that are no longer effective. For some of us, these strategies are having a negative impact on our health.

If you feel this applies to you, then an Emotional Balancing session  may be just what you need!

Session cost: AUD $139

Session length: 1 hour​


"Its been a few days since my last session so I thought I would send an update. Things seem different after our last session. My dogs have settled down almost completely and there has definitely been a shift. For the first time I do not sense a darkness holding me down." M.S. United States

Free PDF download "Understanding energy healing"