Free PDF download "Understanding energy healing"

During each session, I will energetically direct my attention to what is concerning you and will pray to the Divine to provide clarity and bring more understanding to your situation. This process is also designed to help you to be more aware of your personal dreams and unique talents – and the factors that influence your ability to be true to yourself without apology.

My Energetic Healing sessions are designed to support you through your energetic system (your chakras, meridians and energy fields) as you go about your day-to-day life. Feedback from my clients has shown that these sessions help you to pro-actively live your own life and write your own personal story with a strong sense of self-respect in spite of real or perceived opposition from your cultural, social and generational influences.

My clients have also reported experiencing increased confidence and clarity of mind and purpose after their sessions. Many of us also are carrying the trauma and heartache of painful events from their childhood and earlier years. After a client session, several people have found that their lives are no longer scripted by these painful events and they feel more empowered to make positive lifestyle changes that continue to improve their lives.

If you have been described by others as “sensitive” and find that you often give up your dreams because others don’t agree with them, you may find my Energetic Healing sessions to be just what you need! These sessions will help you to recognise why you make the choices you do and what the pay-offs are for you in making those choices. This process then makes it easier for you to release unhealthy connections and emotional baggage.

Session cost: AUD $139

Session length: 1 hour​


"I have had extreme back pain for over 30 years with more spasms occurring in the last 10 years. Jo has helped me through a few issues in the last 12 months and suggested that we do a session using energetic support. Well, what wonders! As a result of my energetic healing sessions with Jo, my back pain has lessened greatly and I can work and do all the normal things in life again. I have been able to work through the pain of childhood trauma and my marriage breakdown. Jo has helped me so my life is no longer scripted by these earlier painful events.

Thank you Jo!!" Queensland, Australia. Name withheld by request. 

Free PDF download "Understanding energy healing"