Free PDF download "Understanding energy healing"

During your session, I will help you to activate your amazing unique potential. This potential may have been masked and muddied by a dysfunctional childhood, by trauma or stressful circumstances that have led you to believe you can’t present your true and authentic self to the world without repercussions.

Each one of us has been given individual strengths and our unique set of genetic and epigenetic material to draw from. This material contains our unique potential and can – through the process of life and more particularly during traumatic experiences – remain un-activated and undeveloped. When we – whether we are children or adults – experience trauma in our lives, we can shut down what is uniquely us in order to protect ourselves from harm or punishment.

Opening up – or activating your unique potential can be a way of tapping into and allowing your personal dreams to be realized.

I  have conducted these sessions for babies in-utero, small children and adults. When a session is booked for those under the age of 15 (including babies and small children), a parent (most commonly the mother) represents and surrogates for the child. This session is also helpful when there are disturbing generational patterns that you want to protect your baby from.

Session cost: AUD $139

Session length: 1 hour​


"The sessions turned out to be very helpful on a practical level too. I had reached out for help at an unstable time in my life (new town, no job) and I literally felt roots growing under my feet. Jo definitely helped me to be more grounded and find balance. I got sudden urges to do certain things (usually important things that I had kept postponing) and clear guidance in a legal case I want to pursue." - Paris, France. Name withheld by request.

Free PDF download "Understanding energy healing"