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Energetic Healing + Energy Medicine

While Energetic Healing is being received, the areas of the human system that are impacted energetically – including the chakras, meridians and even specific organs in the body – by combining energetic medicine with energetic healing we are able to better support the physical body during the session.

Some of us are both physically and emotionally hyper-vigilant to the changes that occur in the world around us. If you tend to pick up a cold after over-empathizing with a work colleague or you find your body aches are mirroring those of a close friend, the Mind, Soul and Body Combo Session is designed just for you.

This session is particularly helpful for those clients who tend to internalize emotional stress and manifest physical illness that reflects their immediate “environmental” surroundings – particularly from the people we are close to and those who influence us. Feedback from my clients after these sessions has confirmed that they have experienced additional physical shifts after their sessions, including improved immune function and mental clarity.

Session cost: AUD $165

Session length: 1 hour​


"I have had extreme back pain for over 30 years with more spasms occurring in the last 10 years. Jo has helped me through a few issues in the last 12 months and suggested that we do a session using energetic support. Well, what wonders! As a result of my energetic healing sessions with Jo, my back pain has lessened greatly and I can work and do all the normal things in life again. I have been able to work through the pain of childhood trauma and my marriage breakdown. Jo has helped me so my life is no longer scripted by these earlier painful events.

Thank you Jo!!" Queensland, Australia. Name withheld by request. 

Free PDF download "Understanding energy healing"